A Taste of the Carnage to Come

by Carnotaurus

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This is the debut demo/EP of Mesozoic Death Metal band Carnotaurus.


released December 30, 2010

Travis Helton: Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Programming.
Biff Alesis: Drums, Samples



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Carnotaurus Seattle, Washington

Carnotaurus was founded in 2005 by guitarist/vocalist Travis "The Virus" Hellton. In 2011 He assembled a live band so that the rabid sonic predator that is Carnotaurus could be properly unleashed upon the metal masses of thr PNW. The current lineup of Hellton, drummer Brad Navratil and bassist Ariel Kemp plan to conjure more Mesozoic Death Metal in 2017, through both recordings and live rituals! ... more

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Track Name: No Higher Than Dust
The Carnage has begun, we attack as one
No room for the weak because the time to fight has come!
Following a brutal code we heed the call to arms
To smash those who would see us caged and destroy all we are.

Our ways of strength and honor earn jealousy and fear
They sought to silence us but we will persevere
Armed with tools of death, and power matched by none
They shall all be crushed beneath a hell that weighs a ton.

Smashing all opposition, stomping through the blood and guts
Fighting until the enemy stands no higher than dust

(1st solo)

Their first line of defense annihilated
We prepare to face and defeat the next wave
Swarms of bullets pierce through their bodies
Those only wounded bludgeoned to a pulp

Steel pillboxes and mortar squads fall before
The power of our Megaweapons
Air support is torn from the sky in the
Mecha-Carnotauri’s mighty jaws

Penetrating all defenses, barricades shatter like glass
Beneath tread, tire and armored boot, devastating all in our path
Smashing all opposition, fighting through the blood and guts
Thrashing until the enemy stands no higher than dust

(a couple good long screams)

(2nd solo)

Light of dawn reveals
The boneyard we have made
Every body butchered
Remains scooped into buckets
To be burned as fuel
For the Megaweapons
Demolishing the last few
Structures that still stand

Crops are burned, earth is salted
Toxic trash contaminates
Turning air to fumes
And water to thick ooze

Now nothing remains of our
Pathetic adversaries
For all their arrogance
They proved too weak to exist!
Track Name: Necrocurse
A plague of undead has been unleashed
Rotting corpses rise from the ground
Decayed, filled with worms and puss
Driven by an inhuman bloodlust
True death is now denied you
It makes no difference if you slit your own throat
Or if they find you and tear you apart
You will join the ranks of the dead

Legions of zombies now infest the cities
The undead haunt the countryside
Littered with mutilated limbs
Soil soaked with blood

No escape once the ghouls are upon you
No cure for the sickness they spread
They’ll tear the flesh from your skull and
Suck the marrow from your bones
Tearing your torso open
Stomach and intestines are threshed
Muscle tissue and tendons are shredded
You’re ripped apart by the zombie hordes

The cities are now war zones
The countryside a wasteland of death
Undead apocalypse upon us
The extinction of civilized man

(Scream really load here)

The wretched stench of rotting bodies
Permeates the atmosphere
Human dwellings lie in ruin
Now cesspools of filth and disease
Your body lies in a pool of blood
Disembowled and mutilated
Soon your corpse will reanimate
And you will arise to devour the living